About Us

Specialists in exterior drainage solutions

Identify what’s causing your drainage problem and correct it at the source – that’s our goal at Advanced Drainage Solutions. We diagnose, design, and install exterior drainage corrections.

From quality PVC drainage systems to hardscapes and grading repairs, our solutions are custom, durable, and designed for a lifetime of performance.


We treat the problem, not the symptom.

Interior waterproofing installations, like sump pumps, only remove water after it enters your home. That approach doesn’t address water entry, which is the real problem. By continuing to allow water entry, these “solutions” can even make the problem worse. Typical landscaping products, like corrugated downspout drain lines, aren’t a long-term drainage solution either. They often fail after just a few years.

Our approach is different. We apply corrections that address drainage issues at the source and to the greatest possible extent. By correcting exterior conditions, our solutions help you avoid severe, long-term problems – like water damage inside your basement or crawlspace.

We’re treating the problem, not the symptom. And we only use the same quality drainage products we would select for our own homes.

It all started with a pressure washer.

Years before we installed our first PVC drainage system, Matt Schaltenbrand bought a pressure washer and hit the streets. He was 15 years old. What began in 1991 as a pressure washing and gutter cleaning business ultimately grew into an expansive suite of gutter, downspout, and drainage solutions and services.

More than 25 years later, we’re providing metro-Atlanta’s most effective, long-lasting exterior drainage solutions – and we do it with the same friendly, customer-focused outlook we’ve always had.

We’re family around here.

Ok, we’re not technically family, but it sure feels like it. Many team members have been with us for more than ten years. Some have been here for over twenty years!

We take care of our employees, and we think that’s a big reason they take care of our customers. Everyone on our team is a tax-paying W2 employee, not a subcontractor. We all drive company trucks and wear company uniforms.

Want to join our team?

We love hiring high quality residential services pros! You know who you are. If you have a great attitude and experience in drainage, waterproofing, gutter and downspout applications, or hardscape design and installation, have a look at our careers page.

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