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PVC Drain Lines

What They Are

Durable. Reliable. Long-lasting. Maintenance-free. SDR 35 thick-wall PVC piping is the best material for drainage system piping. Compared to the black, corrugated drain lines you're probably used to, our thick-wall PVC doesn't bend, sag, leak water, or get crushed. When properly installed, PVC drain lines will deliver decades of performance.

Key to an effective drainage system

We install PVC drain lines as part of a comprehensive drainage system designed to suit your property - and correct your drainage problems. Whether connected to downspouts, catch basins, or French drains, thick wall PVC piping moves three times as much water as typical corrugated drain lines of the same size, and last 20x as long, all with minimal to no maintenance.

Whenever your homes foundation, waterproofness, or structure depends on your drainage system, there should be no other consideration than proper SDR35 thick wall PVC for your drainage system.

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Typical Corrugated Drain Lines

  • Moves a limited amount of water

  • Leach water at the fittings, encouraging root growth inside the pipe

  • Crush easily underground

  • Clog easily from sediment and solid material

  • Form “bellies” which trap sediment and further encourage clogging

  • Last only 3 to 8 years

Thick-Wall PVC Drain Lines

  • Move three times as much water as corrugated pipes of the same size

  • Use solvent welded fittings that don’t leach water

  • Don’t break under the weight of the soil

  • Move sediment and debris easily

  • Don’t sag or trap solid material inside the pipe

  • Tough, durable, and capable of lifetime performance

  • SDR-35 PVC has a life expectancy of over 100 years


Advanced Drainage Solutions

Identify what's causing your drainage problem and correct it at the source - that's our goal at Advanced Drainage Solutions. We diagnose, design, and install exterior drainage corrections.

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