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Catch Basins & Channel Drains

What they are

Catch basins and channel drains are in-ground drain installations designed to capture stormwater around your home.

When used in conjunction with a comprehensive drainage system, they help collect stormwater and channel it to a suitable location.

Both catch basins and channel drains can be built to integrate into most all locations and applications.

  • Removes standing water from your landscape, driveway, patio, or walkway
  • Provides for the collection of small to large amounts of surface water
  • Helps reduce ground saturation caused by standing water
  • Custom catch basins eliminate the undesirable “holding” of water that’s common among prefabricated drain boxes.
  • Custom catch basins can allow for any level of surface traffic.
  • Provides drainage relief for entire areas around your home and yard

From pre-fabricated plastic to completely custom

Catch basins come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. In addition to typical plastic drain boxes, we design and build custom channel drains and catch basins for specific drainage applications. Some have flat, plastic grates or atrium grates. Others have steel grates and may be rated for light, medium, or heavy vehicle traffic.

Similar products, different applications

Channel drains are like elongated catch basins. They’re best suited to hard surfaces, like driveways or patios. You’ve probably seen channel drains in driveways – think long, grated drains that stretch from one end of the concrete to the other.


Quality craftsmanship. Minimal impact.

Our team provides the experienced craftsmanship needed to install these products within the landscape with minimal impact. We carefully adapt catch basins and channel drains to your lawns, landscape beds, and solid surfaces. As required, we also apply proper, localized grading to ensure the long-term dependability of each product.

Easy to maintain

When properly designed, built, and installed, catch basin and channel drain maintenance is easy. Simply check them periodically to ensure the surface of the drain grates are clear. That way, water can continue to enter the drain. It’s a task easily completed by your landscapers during their regular visit.