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French Drains

What They Are

Our custom-built French drains consist of perforated PVC pipe, woven geotextile filter fabric, and real drainage rock. As groundwater saturates the area during wet weather, it also enters the perforated PVC pipe. The pipe transports that water to a suitable location, reducing ground saturation and lowering the localized water table.

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Great for some drainage problems...

French drains absorb water from the surrounding soil. They can work well under pebble paths, beneath dry creek beds, and in landscape areas with poor soil drainage. To move water from areas where it accumulates, we sometimes use French drains in conjunction with catch basins and other drainage products.

...But not for all drainage problems

Many people install French drains in an attempt to remove water around basements, crawlspaces, and foundations. Depending on the structure's depth and distance from the problem area, French drains can actually invite more water into areas where it isn't wanted. In other words, they can make a bad problem worse. We can design the best solution for your conditions, whether it be a high quality French Drain or something else entirely.

Depending on the application, some French drains require maintenance to keep the drainage rock clear and allow water to enter the pipe.

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French drains are useful for:

  • Lowering the local water table in problem areas

  • Assisting with drainage provided by catch basins and other drainage products

  • Reducing ground saturation

  • Improving soil drainage in yards and gardens

  • Absorbing water that might otherwise accumulate around your property

  • Keeping dry creek beds dry, even after heavy precipitation


Advanced Drainage Solutions

Identify what's causing your drainage problem and correct it at the source - that's our goal at Advanced Drainage Solutions. We diagnose, design, and install exterior drainage corrections.

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