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Horizontal Drilling, Utility Locating, Camera Inspections

Challenges we can address

  • Installing drain lines beneath concrete without cutting the surface or applying patches
  • Using camera equipment for inspections or to provide locations and depths of existing drainage pipes and products
  • Locating or tracing irrigation lines, valves, and other private utilities that utility providers won’t mark
  • Repairing or modifying irrigation systems, including locating or tracing irrigation lines and valves
  • Site surveying in challenging locations to determine which drainage solutions are possible

When everyone tells you it’s impossible... 

We make it happen. At Advanced Drainage Solutions, we love challenging drainage projects. From locating private utilities to installing drain lines beneath concrete without cutting, our experienced team designs and installs drainage improvements in very challenging conditions.


Maximum difficulty. Minimal impact.

Sometimes, improving drainage is hard. Your situation might require drilling beneath a patio. Or maybe you have private utility lines – things like pool heaters and gas lamps – that the utility company won’t locate. In all these cases, we have the technical capacity to install critical drainage corrections with minimal impact to your property.


Skills and equipment? Check.

Correcting drainage problems often requires substantial technical skill and experience using specialized equipment. Our team has both. Think excavators, skid steers, horizontal drilling equipment, camera inspection tools, line tracing equipment, and the expertise needed to operate them in challenging environments. Whatever skills  are required, we do what it takes to provide drainage relief.